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Facilitating an efficient mechanical movement through affordably priced CAMs for the field of printing, pharmaceuticals, automation and much more...

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D.H. Panchal & Co. is an acclaimed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of CAMs applicable in the diverse fields of printing, pharmaceuticals, automation and much more. Our extensive product range includes CAMs for Any Circular Looms, Any Twisting M/c, Any Winding M/c & Cone Winding M/c, H.D.P.E/ Nylon Fishnet M/c, T.F.O M/c, Sulzer M/c, Texturising M/c, Pharmaceuticals M/c, Printing M/c and much more. Incepted in the year 1986, we have always remained committed to satisfy our customers completely. Our speciality job is to present the right product at the right time, at the right place with market leading price. This truly justifies our mantra - Keeping in tune with the market trends and close coordination with customers. We possess a sound infrastructure armored with advanced and innovative technology, being manned by our qualified personnel. Our products are popular in the domestic as well as international market covering the regions of Nigeria, S. Africa, Bangladesh, and USA. We are affiliated to the much renowned Small Scale Industries (SSI). As a commercial impact of our range, we have created a vast client base including the major brands like Truman Ltd., Alidhar Texpro Ltd. and many others.

Our Motto Ever Remains:

  • The Right Material
  • The Right Quality
  • The Right Price
  • The Right Service.
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